Road Riding Safety

Road Riding Safety

Best practices to ensure the safety of horse and rider

When: Friday, April 14 (10:30 am)
Location: Barn 3
Presenter: Sheri Parkinson, Vice President of the Manitoba Horse Council

The purpose of this session is to review and actively demonstrate the cardinal rules to follow for riding or driving horses on the road.
Topics covered will include:-

• Rules of the Road
• Safety Equipment for Horse and Rider
• Safe Riding Practices
• How to Handle Conflict with Others Using the Road

Following the demonstration, attendees are encouraged to take the time to ask questions and relate personal experiences.

Sheri Parkinson is a farrier and the owner of Ageon Stables, where she breeds and trains sport horses. Currently focusing on eventing, her background also includes extensive experience in both English and Western disciplines. Sheri has spent many hours riding on roads and the occasional drive-through. The sad and avoidable death, in Ontario, of a friend’s horse, while on a conditioning ride, brought home to her the importance and necessity of educating both riders and the general public on the best practices for safe riding while sharing the road.

Our thanks to Cyclone Gypsies, for graciously providing Black Forest William, Manitoba’s Horse of the Year for 2015, to assist Sheri in her presentation.