New Automatic Doors Improve Accessibility to Brandon Curling Club

Improved Accessibility for Brandon Curling Club at the Keystone Centre Courtesy of
Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba Funding

Pictured (from left): Chris Brandon – Curler, Ken Gill – Curler, Jeff Schumacher – Keystone Centre, Tom Cserkawski – CPAM, David Kron – CPAM, Lori Nevins – Wheelchair Curling Volunteer, Gilbert Perez – Curler.

BRANDON, MB (October 23, 2019) – The Brandon Curling Club, within the Keystone Centre will
now be more accessible for persons with a mobility impairment. New automatic, accessible
doors have been added to the Brandon Curling Club interior entrance, and entrance to ice level,
to support Curling Club patrons, athletes, and employees with mobility impairments.

This accessibility improvement comes in time for the start of the 2019-2020 curling season, and
the 3rd winter of a wheelchair curling league founded by Brandon Wheelchair Sports & Leisure.

“I think the addition of the new doors is wonderful,” says Ryan Sturgeon, chair, Brandon
Wheelchair Sports & Leisure. “It’s actually breaking down some barriers, because it’s hard for
people when they have mobility concerns or disability to go out to events, and having things
made more accessible – having the environment made more accessible – is really encouraging,
and really promotes an all-inclusive atmosphere and attitude that is really important to
encourage people to come out. So, it’s not just the practicality of it, it’s actually the overall
feeling of it for people.”

The automatic doors were made possible with a $4,000 funding contribution from the Cerebral
Palsy Association of Manitoba.

“The Cerebral Palsy Association, and especially our Westman Chapter, are proud partners in the
Brandon Community,” says David Kron, executive director, Cerebral Palsy Association of MB.
“This is our 4th accessibility project partnering with the Keystone Centre. By making it more
accessible, it helps not only our members with Cerebral Palsy, but everyone in the community
with varying mobility. This project was made possible by funds raised at our Annual Stationary
Bike Race, as well as money received from the Brandon Firefighters Rooftop Campout / Charity

The addition of accessible doors is the most recent in a series of accessibility improvements
made to the Keystone Centre facilities, including automatic doors on the main concourse, and
wheelchair ramps in the Enns Brothers & Kinsmen Arenas.

“The Keystone Centre is always striving to be an accessible and inviting venue for the
community,” says Jeff Schumacher, CEO & general manager, Keystone Centre. “We are
fortunate that funders dedicated to achieving an inclusive and accessible environment are able
to help us do just that.”

About the Keystone Centre
The non-profit Keystone Centre strives to be the premier service oriented, multi-functional,
community minded facility in Manitoba, hosting sporting and entertainment events, fairs and
agricultural exhibitions, conferences and conventions, clubs and community activities.
To learn more about the Keystone Centre visit www.keystonecentre.com

About the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba
Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba is an independent non-profit organization governed by a
volunteer Board of Directors. The Association offers information, referral, support, advocacy and
use of its library to anyone affected with CP or to those interested in or working with people
affected by CP.
Learn more at www.cerebralpalsy.mb.ca

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