Room Rentals

Upper Level

RoomSizeTheatre CapacityBanquet CapacityPrice
Westman Place230 x 28060001500$5,200.00
Main Concourse22 x 675N / AN / A$780.00
CKLQ Hall39 x 4414090$365.00
Star 94.7 Viewing Lounge30 x 447560$365.00
Main Boardroom20 x 30N/A20$285.00
Pioneer Lounge30 x 5011680$340.00
MNP Hall91 x 86800450$1,040.00
MNP Hall A or B$495.00/side
Amphitheater65 x 100550N / A$780.00

Ground Level

RoomSizeTheatre CapacityBanquet CapacityPrice
Hitching Ring70 x 120N / AN / A$400.00
Manitoba Room130 x 20017001400$2,600.00
UCT Pavilion85 x 1701300650$2,365.00
Salon A36 x 60160100$285.00
Salon B30 x 307050$240.00
Canada Room120 x 1801500800$2,400.00
ENNS Brothers Arena120 x 21013001040$2,365.00
Kinsmen Arena120 x 21013001040$2,365.00
Brandon Curling Club120 x 1601000800$2,080.00
Main Curling Lounge30 x 6010080$295.00
Upper Curling Lounge30 x 88225175$295.00
Westoba Ag Centre of Excellence Show Ring 85 x 200$3,935.00
Ag Centre Corridor Display$765.00

Outdoor Facilities

Grounds; One LocationRate dependant on square footage as per quote
Single Vehicle Display$100.00

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Meeting rental rates only. Commercial and twenty-four hour room rental rates available upon request.



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