Ag Days 18th Street Advertising


Each advertisement is $340.00 for two weeks (Jan 8 – Jan 22).

That amount covers [1] 5 second slide on our 18th street sign.

Advertising size for the Electronic Ad Board is measured in pixels. 286 (wide) x 132 (high) is the recommended size. However adjusting the design to being double that amount (592×264), or triple that amount (858×396) will work if needed.

This ad sign is one of the most visible advertising devices in the city of Brandon, visible from College and 18th, to Richmond and 15th.

The sign sees about 32,000 vehicles per day. The bright LED display gives a viewing angle of 172 degrees making the sign visible from almost any stand point. This is a worth while advertising investment for any business! For more information please click here!

Advertising Request

A request for advertising on the 18th Street Sign
  • Give us an idea of what you want your slide to look like.
  • Please supply us with your logo. 2MB is the maximum allowed file size.
Interested in a permanent advertising spot at the Keystone Centre, for a presence at all the events that happen there and is exposed to the 1.2 million visitors we see each year? Click here.

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